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 Hello new friends and old!

My name is Jen, known here as exoeternity. I'm a hobby writer of fantasy, and occasionally sci-fi. You'll find I'm predictably under-productive, and notoriously inconsistent. 

As my day (and night) job, I am a resident doctor. I am all done medical school (and have a very nicely framed degree to show for it), and am currently training to specialize in Internal Medicine (and have a lot of wrinkles and dark eye circles to show for it). In five (or maybe six) years, I hope to be done with training completely.

In the spare time I take for my mental health, writing is a creative outlet and stress reliever. My main goals are to write to the best of my ability, and to create something that I enjoy, and that hopefully others can enjoy as well. I don't have very lofty goals in this respect. Just coming by and giving me your kind attention is more than enough for me. If you can and want to leave constructive criticism, I'll be very grateful. 

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Welcome, Jen. It's lovely to see you here. I hope work isn't wearing you out too much.